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Sponsor a Memorial Brick – $118 each

The greatest mitzvah is gemilut chasidim (acts of loving kindness). This you can do now by sponsoring a memorial brick marker honoring one of the hundreds of "Forgotten Children" at the Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground in Malden.

Our "brick-by-brick" memorial campaign is part of our $100,000 effort to restore this cemetery that was the primary site for indigent immigrant burials around the turn of the 19th century -- most of whom were children.

More than two-thirds of those buried here passed away less than 5 years old. Fewer than 10% have monuments or markers. The rest are in unmarked graves.

The JCAM Charitable Foundation is a 501 C(3) corporation. Donations for the Brick-by-Brick campaign
are fully tax deductible. Use the form below, or download a form to send with a check to our office.


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