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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about cemeteries and Jewish customs, laws, and traditions.  We hope you find them informative and useful.

What issues should I consider when planning to buy a cemetery lot?

There is a lot to consider, especially if you have the time to plan for yourself and/or your whole family. There is everything from location to family history to preferences for setting. We've put together a full page of questions and answers on this topic for you. Just click here!

What issues should I consider when purchasing a monument for a grave site?

There are many types, styles and options for monuments. They are quite important and permanent so you want to consider carefully before buying. We've put together a complete list of questions you should ask before buying. Just click here! Also, we are proud to recommend several JCAM sponsors who provide high-quality monument services throughout Massachusetts. Click here for information on these sponsors.

What are the "rules" or Jewish laws about burial of non-Jewish spouses?

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts has been a leader for more than 10 years at its Beit Olam Cemetery in Wayland. In 1999, when the cemetery was consecrated, JCAM ensured that the burial of non-Jewish spouses and their children would be part of the religious regulations at this cemetery. JCAM's Beit Olam East Cemetery with an additional 7,000 gravesites continues to accommodate the growing interfaith Jewish community. Read more by clicking here.


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