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Burial of Non-Jewish Spouses
and Family Members on Jewish Cemeteries

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative movement) published a Responsa regarding the burial of non-Jewish spouses and family members on Jewish cemeteries.

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts has been ahead of the curve for more than 10 years at its Beit Olam Cemetery in Wayland. In 1999, when the cemetery was consecrated, JCAM ensured that the burial of non-Jewish spouses and their children would be part of the religious regulations at this cemetery.

This responsa validates JCAM’s ongoing commitment to bury “non-Jewish dead and comfort their mourners so that we follow the ways of peace.”

JCAM's Beit Olam East Cemetery opened in 2013 with an additional 7,000 gravesites to accommodate the growing interfaith Jewish community.

To read the full 12-page Responsa, and other articles related to Interfaith families, please click here.