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Boston/West Roxbury, MA – 776 Baker Street

Polonnoe Cemetery

Quincy Hebrew Chapel

Polonnoe Cemetery Entry Gate, Baker St., West Roxbury

Polonnoe, Ukraine
Also known as Polna, Polonnoje, Polona, Polonna, Polonne, Polonnoye. Over the years leading up to WWII, the Jews of Polonnoe suffered and endured many pogroms, causing the deaths of thousands.  The pre-Holocaust Jewish population was approximately 5,500. Nearly all were murdered by the Germans during World War II. The city of Polonnoe was liberated on January 9, 1944. Those that survived emigrated to Israel, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Argentina.

Polonnoe Cemetery –Baker Street Cemeteries
The Polonnoe Cemetery located on Baker Street in West Roxbury, Massachusetts was formed by the members of the Polona Progressive Benefit Association some of whom were family members and/or Polonnoe, Ukraine’s surviving Jewish population. The cemetery was established in 1939 by the Polonnoe Cemetery Association. In 1959, the Polona Ladies Aid Society dedicated a Holocaust memorial on the cemetery in memory of those who lost their lives in World War II.

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts acquired the cemetery in 1998. Due to the generosity of a major donor a complete restoration of the cemetery took place in 2014. A prayer garden, new walkway, entrance gate and fence as well as newly planted trees and shrubs were part of the overall restoration project.

Memorial to Holocaust victims
Prayer Garden & Holocaust Memorial

Polonnoe Cemetery's Holocaust Memorial sits in front of a prayer garden area.