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BBC World Service Feature Highlights Interfaith Burials at Beit Olam East

Wayland, MA – Beit Olam East, the JCAM-owned cemetery consecrated here in 2010, is featured in a BBC World Service feature story about burial issues facing interfaith couples.

The Nov. 1 article and radio broadcast titled, "Can I be buried next to my Jewish husband?" is by Sharmini Selvarajah. She reports on the issues and uses her own situation married to a Jewish American man (wedding photo, below).


Ms. Selvarajah interviews JCAM Executive Director Stan Kaplan as well as local rabbis and others in presenting the history, tradition and issues facing interfaith couples.

"Birth, marriage and death - three obvious candidates for creating tensions in an interfaith family. But while child-rearing and marriage are endlessly discussed, the question of how mixed families deal with the end of life remains in the shadows," reads the introduction to the article.

To see the whole article online and listen to the full radio broadcast (29 mins) click here. For the broadcast, scroll about halfway down to the bold reference, "Listen Online."


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