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Six More Jewish Cemeteries Join JCAM

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts is pleased to inform you that we have acquired six additional cemeteries to be under JCAM’s care.

When JCAM was formed in 1984, it cared for 17 Jewish cemeteries, 5 of which were abandoned. Today we care for 123 of 222 Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts; including the oldest (the Temple Ohabei Shalom Cemetery in East Boston) and newest (the Beit Olam Cemeteries in Wayland).  That is more than 50 percent of the Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts! Over our 30-year history, JCAM has become an essential Jewish cultural and historical resource, emerging as genealogical caretakers of the history of the Jewish Community, not only in the Boston area but throughout Massachusetts.

We are pleased to continue to serve the community, ensuring that no Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts be abandoned or neglected.  One by one, independent cemetery associations in Massachusetts that have difficulty recruiting successive volunteer cemetery managers, have chosen to merge or be managed by JCAM.  Your support of our efforts is crucial to our ongoing success. All donations to the JCAM Charitable Foundation are tax deductible. Supporters who wish to contribute stock can also do so via our brokerage account at Century Bank. Call the JCAM office for details.