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JCAM Rescues Rare Holocaust-era Treasure

April 2014 – A rare, pristine copy of The Children’s Haggadah, published in Germany in 1933 is now in the hands of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum having been discovered among sacred materials that were dropped at JCAM’s community Genizah.

JCAM’s Cantor Alan Kritz spotted the Haggadah in the materials left for sacred burial. After recognizing the importance of this publication, particularly in light of the Holocaust, he contacted the director of the library at the Museum to donate it. The video below tells the awesome story. Since this video was posted in April of 2014, another copy was donated by someone in Denmark.

JCAM collects and stores worn and unusable sacred materials for the Greater Boston Jewish community at its Genizah located at the Baker Street Cemeteries in West Roxbury until its annual book burial. Cantor Kritz is JCAM’s Assistant Director of Field Services. He helps in facilitating this effort. Please feel free to contact the JCAM office regarding specific procedures for preparing and dropping off materials at the Genizah.