ZT 2013 News - Powerwashing stones at Ohabei Shalom Makes HUGE difference
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Power Clean Up!

JCAM has been hard at work carefully power washing monuments at the 170-year-old historic Ohabei Shalom Cemetery, East Boston (1844). Most of the oldest monuments on the cemetery are delicate and made of limestone. Over time, exposure to the elements caused many of the inscriptions to become worn and illegible (see before photos).  However, after power washing, the same monuments are sparkling white! The transformation is spectacular.


The Ohabei Shalom Cemetery is the first Jewish cemetery established in Massachusetts and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The JCAM Charitable Foundation is undertaking a capital campaign to transform the cemetery and its chapel into the Boston Jewish Immigration History Exhibit Hall dedicated to preserving the legacy of Boston’s Jewish immigration. Visit our Foundation page to learn more about the  project.