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JCAM’s 2013 Book Burial held May 22

King Solomon Memorial Park Cemetery
2960 Centre St., West Roxbury (Boston), MA 02132

JCAM's 2013 Book Burial was held at the King Solomon Memorial Park cemetery in West Roxbury on May 22nd. Book Burial 2013JCAM collects thousands of worn out siddurim (prayer books), torah scrolls, tallism, tzitzit, tefellin, and other sacred materials containing the Hebrew name of G-d each year from the local communities, synagogues and organizations.

The materials are stored at our community genizah (book depository) located at the Pultusker chapel on the Baker Street Cemetery. We sort the materials and those that are in perfectly good condition (right) are placed on our bookshelves in the genizah. The rest are buried according to Jewish law (below). Anyone dropping off materials can browse through and take what interests them at no charge.

Book Burial 2013

Call us at 617-244-6509 to make an appointment to drop off your worn and unused sacred materials (Shemmot). We ask for an $18 per box donation when leaving materials at the genizah to help us defray the cost of sorting, transporting and burying these sacred materials.

Book Burial 2013


Book Burial 2013


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