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JCAM’s Annual Book Burial
& Historic Cemetery Tour Set for September 25, 2011

10 - 11:30 am – King Solomon Memorial Park Cemetery
2960 Centre St., West Roxbury (Boston), MA 02132

Each year the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM) invites the community to be part of the meaningful and educational experience of a Jewish book Book Burialburial. This event allows the community to witness and participate in the depth and importance of Jewish communal responsibility, and to learn about the proper handling of Jewish artifacts, prayer books and other shammot for burial. This is a unique Jewish tradition—one that truly doesn’t happen everyday!

This year's event will be held at the King Solomon Memorial Park Cemetery at 2960 Centre Street in West Roxbury. Click here or on the name above for complete directions.

After the book burial, all are invited to participate in a “Cemeteries Are for the Living" educational tour to learn the cultural significance of this historic Jewish cemetery, headstone symbols and their meanings, Jewish burial customs, rituals, and much more!  All participants will receive a free JCAM Guide to Massachusetts' Jewish Cemeteries.     

Please do not bring any boxes of books for burial unless you have made arrangements with the JCAM office in advance! All materials must be in cardboard boxes or paper bags. An $18/per box donation is suggested payable to JCAM. Click here to see a full explanation of our guidelines and regulations for depositing books for burial or call the JCAM office.

Please RSVP to Lisa Berenson at 617-244-6509 or email: lisaberenson@jcam.org if you are planning on attending.

Annual Book Burial Event – Please RSVP if you plan to come!

Call 617-244-6509


email Lisa Berenson