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July 2008

Quincy Hebrew Cemetery Beautification

Newton, MA— July, 2008 – The Quincy Hebrew Cemetery, located on the Baker Street Memorial Park complex in West Roxbury has recently undergone an impressive restoration and beautification process. Members of the Quincy Jewish community established the cemetery in 1939 and it remained an independent cemetery association for 60 years.

Quincy Hebrew RehabIn 2008, dismayed by the deterioration of the chapel and grounds—Miriam Bernstein, whose husband Mort rests on the cemetery—contacted the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM) to discuss what could be done to improve the conditions. With a substantial donation in memory of her beloved husband, Miriam Bernstein stepped forward to partner with JCAM as its Campaign Chair, spearheading a fundraising effort to raise $250,000 for the restoration, beautification and perpetual care of the Quincy Hebrew Cemetery, the rehabilitation of the existing chapel, and the creation of a new prayer garden, including sprinkler system and washing facilities.

Today, the Quincy Hebrew Cemetery has been transformed from an abandoned funeral chapel and poorly run-down cemetery into a garden, teeming with new life, green and lovely. A Rededication Service will take place on Sunday, August 3, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. at the Quincy Hebrew Cemetery Chapel and Prayer Garden. Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger will be the officiating clergy.

Although the restoration of the Quincy Hebrew Cemetery is impressive, the ongoing work of maintaining and preserving this “garden of eternity” is at the heart of the JCAM mission. To do so will require additional funds to be placed in a perpetual care trust fund so that the Quincy Hebrew Cemetery and the Prayer Garden will continue to stand as a dignified memorial to those who rest on its sacred ground in perpetuity. In caring for this ground, we honor all those resting here, including Rabbi Jacob Mann, loved by so many in the Quincy community.

The public is invited to attend the rededication ceremony on August 3rd to celebrate this remarkable accomplishment. No solicitations will be made.

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts owns 101 out of the 209 Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts and is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and continuity of Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts.