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Seat For You at our Table

JCAM Seeks Leaders

JCAM is looking for dedicated young professionals to serve on a roundtable leadership group that will contribute to Jewish continuity by ensuring our history, traditions and respect will live on for future generations. People on this roundtable will establish new alliances between JCAM and Jewish youth groups; will foster constructive dialogue with the next generation to enrich the present and future while respecting the past; will further JCAM's mission of Preservation, Restoration and Continuity; will cultivate and educate the next generation to learn about JCAM's unique role within the Jewish community.

More details are availble by clicking here. Confirm you interest in joining this roundtable with an email to lisaberenson@jcam.org or by calling 617-244-6509.


Woburn Restorations

Woburn Cemeteries

Over the last two years, JCAM has been restoring and repairing gates, fences and walls at several Woburn, MA cemeteries. See our slide show of before and after pictures!

Netherland Cemetery Gets Facelift

Melrose, MA -- As we reported in our 2014-15 Annual Report, one of JCAM’s newest merger is the Netherland Cemetery in Melrose. Part of our restoration of this cemetery was to raise many toppled and broken monuments. We brought in master craftsmen to repair, raise and the final step—power washing of all the monuments and markers. Above is a sampling of the before and after pictures of these accomplishments.

The Netherland Cemetery was established by Dutch Jews in 1860 and fell into neglect and disrepair for many years until JCAM took it over in 2015. Now it is dignified, respectful final resting place and a meaningful space for the families to visit.

First JCAM Annual Report Available

First JCAM Annual Report

JCAM issued its first-ever Annual Report that both summarizes accomplishments in fiscal year 2014 into 2015, but also over the last 12 years in reflecting on the success of its mission.

Click here to download the report in PDF!