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Great news!  Now you have access to more than 50,000 Jewish names online for genealogy searches or visitation information on JCAM cemeteries. You may search by individual name (first or last).

Online genealogy searches are a free service provided by JCAM. We believe connecting families with their ancestors, now deceased, is an essential component to our core mission.

However, providing and maintaining this extensive database is expensive, so your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated. Just click here or on the "Donations" button in the navigation bar to help support our efforts. Your donations help us to continue to be the agency where past, present and future, become one!

Thank you.

Some records may not be available for lack of date-of-death information. Due to poor record keeping from years ago, in some instances, information may be incorrect. Records are only available for JCAM cemeteries. Please e-mail JCAM at info@jcam.org should you discover any inaccuracies or click here or on the "Contact" button in the navigation bar. Thank you.