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February 20, 2009

JCAM Charitable Foundation
Requests Another $50K
from the Mass. Preservation Projects Fund

Chapel to be restoredNewton, MA— June 20: The Mass. Historical Commission is accepting applications for Round 15 of the MPPF (Mass. Preservation Projects Fund). JCAM, who was the recipient of a $50k matching grant in 2008, has submitted another grant request for additional funding to continue with the important structural rehabilitation of the Ohabei Shalom Chapel in East Boston. The Chapel, situated at the entrance to the first Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts (1844), has been undergoing a facelift through a $3.5 million capital campaign.

The once abandoned chapel will be transformed into a new exhibit hall dedicated to the early Jewish immigrant experience in Boston through interactive displays and artifacts. The Mystic River Jewish History Project will document and tell the story of the once flourishing Mystic River Jewish communities of East Boston, Chelsea, Revere, Medford, Malden, Everett, Somerville and Winthrop. A permanent exhibition will be featured in the restored Chapel as well as on a documentary video/internet site.

The Mystic River Jewish History Project will explore the story of Boston's Jewish immigration and celebrate that experience by sharing it with new immigrants in the East Boston area. The Mystic River Jewish History Project will serve as a bridge to help a new generation of young immigrants to succeed in American life. The building's architecture will be preserved for history and once again serve as the backdrop to Jewish funeral rites.

With support from the community, the Massachusetts Historical Commission and funding from the MPPF, this extraordinary national historic landmark will serve as a beacon of hope to those seeking the American dream and a reminder of how our past experiences, struggles, and rich Jewish heritage can benefit others. (The Ohabei Shalom Cemetery and Chapel are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, DC.)

If you would like to make a donation this important project, please send a tax deductible gift to the JCAM Charitable Foundation or click here for our donation page. The JCAM Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 organization. To learn more about the Mystic River Jewish History Project click here.