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Cemeteries Hit Hard During Winter of 2015

It has been a challenging winter for our caretakers with the amount of snow that has fallen so far. It is very difficult to ensure public safety and make roadways accessible for funerals.

However, due to the efforts of our maintenance crews who have been working tirelessly, round the clock, JCAM has met the challenge to provide burial services as needed and to accommodate mourners to the best of our abilities.

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Other News Items:

Snowblower during hard winter of 2015

Snowblower working overtime to clear access to cemeteries.


Jewish Cemetery Association Of North America
Condemns Cemetery Desecration in France

The Jewish Cemetery Association of North America strongly condemns the recent desecretion of a Jewish cemetery in the Alsace region of France.

The Jewish Cemetery Association of North America (JCANA–of which JCAM is a member), representing more than 300 Jewish cemeteries across the United States and Canada, stands in solidarity with the Jewish community of France. JCANA strongly condemns the desecration of the historic Jewish cemetery in the Alsace region of France that occurred over the last few days where more than 250 historic monuments were vandalized.

JCANA believes deeply in the continuity of Jewish values and our members are devoted to the preservation and continuity of Jewish burial places and the promotion of ethical standards in Jewish cemetery management. As leaders of the Jewish cemetery community in the United States and Canada, we stand as one with our Jewish brethren during this difficult time.

JCAM Rescues Rare
Holocaust-era Treasure

A rare, pristine copy of The Children’s Haggadah, published in Germany in 1933 is now in the hands of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum having been discovered among sacred materials that were dropped at JCAM’s community Genizah. JCAM’s Cantor Alan Kritz spotted the Haggadah in the materials left for sacred burial. After recognizing the importance of this publication, particularly in light of the Holocaust, he contacted the director of the library at the Museum to donate it. The video below tells the awesome story. Since this video was posted in April of 2014, another copy was donated by someone in Denmark.

JCAM collects and stores worn and unusable sacred materials for the Greater Boston Jewish community at its Genizah located at the Baker Street Cemeteries in West Roxbury until its annual book burial. Cantor Kritz is JCAM’s Assistant Director of Field Services. He helps in facilitating this effort. Please feel free to contact the JCAM office regarding specific procedures for preparing and dropping off materials at the Genizah.



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Netherlands Cemetery

Netherlands Cemetery
Restorations Underway

One of JCAM’s most recent acquisitions is the Netherlands Cemetery in Melrose, established by Dutch Jews. The cemetery dates to 1860. It has been neglected for years, and many of the headstones have been toppled and broken. JCAM has recently brought in its craftsmen to raise and repair these monuments. (Click here to see the full story and Before/After photos.) In the spring of 2015 a complete power washing of all the headstones and markers is scheduled. The cemetery is in desperate need of attention. Based on availability of funds we hope to begin masonry work on the rear retaining walls, stairs and railings of the cemetery. If you’d like to make a donation toward the Netherlands Cemetery restoration project, please go to our Donation page.

Woburn Restorations

Woburn Cemeteries

Over the last two years, JCAM has been restoring and repairing gates, fences and walls at several Woburn, MA cemeteries. See our slide show of before and after picutres!